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mommy in da studio

My work is about an inner experience and my inner world. For me colour is a visceral emotional experience. The scale of my work means that it can be an immersive experience for the viewer,and the scale gives me a sense of freedom and excitement,like going on an adventure, a journey of discovery.

Colour is my subject matter, its accessible and sensual,  a universal language that everyone can understand.
Some works are directly inspired by music,for me there is a very intimate connection between sound and colour, both are vibrations.
I love the sensuality of painting, the texture and body of the oil paint. I love the studio, the solitude, the process of making, the texture of the canvas and  smell of the turpentine,the brushes.When I am in the studio I feel I am home,that I am truely alive, that I am myself.
I studied Fine Arts at the University of the Wiwatersrand in Johannesburg -BAFA Hon from 1985-1989.
A trip to the Marquises Island of Nuku Hiva for the festival in 2011 was an ‘opening’ experience for me,and a turning point bringing me back into the studio.
I have worked intensely with colour as a healing modality for many years, both as a healer and teacher.
I am interested in using colour to uplift and support the viewer,as an inspiration for their life.

 Inspired by both Abstract Expressionism and Colour Field painting, I am  a  fan of Rothco, Matisse, Bonnard, Redon, Robert Ryman, Joan Mitchell, Soulages, Yves Klein, Fabienne Verdier  and James Turell.

I like to work oil,and more recently in acrylic, on canvas-stretched and primed by me  which is a way for me to get in contact with the spirit of the work and put my own energy into every  pore of the painting.I enjoy the process of the preparation which is a sacred time, tuning into the energy of the work to come.
Usually I like  to work on four canvases at one time and then rework as I go along, keeping them all in mind.
My recent  work is a series of  large canvases painted with a broom, in a spontaneous and concentrated way. The creative process is an intense and deeply nourishing experience, I feel very interested in the harmonies of the colour combinations and their impact on the viewer.
Mixing my own colours with the pigments and medium is part of the process-and using paintbrushes, my fingers, pallete knife,broom,  oil sticks and even porcupine quills and pottery tools  for mark-making. I am very fond of the colours of Marin, an art supplier in Paris with a large choice of  pigments.
My large studio which was a glass blowers factory in a suburb of Lyon,France called Vénissieux, is my haven, it has a small vegetable garden and sculpture of the Buddha.
“Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté.” Charles Baudelaire

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